Recipe: Strawberry & basil fruit leather

Looking for a healthy snack for hiking and camping? Look no further. Fruit leather, aka fruit roll ups, are the tasty and nutritious snack you’ve been waiting for. This recipe is lip-smackingly delicious. And with the added flavor of the fresh basil, it’s sure to impress.   Why buy hiking snacks when you can combine…… Continue reading Recipe: Strawberry & basil fruit leather

Why calorie density is vital for hiking and running

Whether you’re looking for the best food to eat before running, the best backpacking food, or simply food to take camping, you’ll be interested in the most calorie dense foods you can get your hands on. What is a calorie dense food? Food that is calorie dense has a lot of calories for its weight.…… Continue reading Why calorie density is vital for hiking and running

Top 10 Calorie Dense Foods

Calorie dense foods: half the weight, twice the energy. Perfect foods for runners and backpackers. If you’re carrying food for any length of time when camping, not only will you need more calories than you normally would, but you’ll also want to avoid carrying more weight than you absolutely have to. When trying to cut… Continue reading Top 10 Calorie Dense Foods