Camping meal ideas using miso paste

Miso – the delicious soup made from soy beans. You’re probably used to enjoying it at Japanese restaurants. But did you know it’s ideal for camping meal recipes?


A sachet of miso paste is lightweight and compact, and oh so tasty when you need to replenish salts. It’s an ideal food after hiking, climbing or trail running.

How to use it

  • Quick and warming starter: add boiling water for a classic miso broth.
  • Turn it into a main: add dried tofu pieces, noodles and dried mushroom slices.
  • Use it anywhere you’d use stock or broth – for example in trail risotto.
  • Mix with a sachet of mayonnaise, sugar and chilli to make a creamy dip for flatbreads and carrot sticks.
  • It makes a delicious stir-in-sauce for pasta, add pancetta and rehydrated peas, and top with dried grated parmesan cheese.
Noodles, dried vegetables and mushrooms in miso broth

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