Poha: raw rice for hikers

The Indian breakfast of champions! The convenience food that replaces bread! The rice you can eat raw! I stumbled across poha in my local Indian supermarket and I’m feeling inspired. Wikipedia describes it as “an indori rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes… (which) can be eaten raw by immersing it in plain water…… Continue reading Poha: raw rice for hikers

Ultralight but still green veggies?

The first thing most hikers do when exiting the wilderness is eat the “real food” they’ve been dreaming of on the trail. Indeed, one of the toughest things about a multi-day hike for me is getting fresh, juicy, delicious produce into my meals. Said produce has to be tough enough to go in a backpack, not need…… Continue reading Ultralight but still green veggies?

Going ultralight with your camping meals? Go Japanese

Setting off on the trail again – can’t wait! The coming weeks will see me do a solo trek with my packraft around New Zealand’s central North Island for 20 days, then two long treks in the South Island. Keeping the food weight down is critical, and I’ve found a treasure trove of ingredients in…… Continue reading Going ultralight with your camping meals? Go Japanese

Recipe: Strawberry & basil fruit leather

Looking for a healthy snack for hiking and camping? Look no further. Fruit leather, aka fruit roll ups, are the tasty and nutritious snack you’ve been waiting for. This recipe is lip-smackingly delicious. And with the added flavor of the fresh basil, it’s sure to impress.   Why buy hiking snacks when you can combine…… Continue reading Recipe: Strawberry & basil fruit leather

Feeling stressed? Want to live longer? Spend a night in the forest!

Time in nature gives you sharper thinking and more creative problem-solving, as well as boosting your immune system. Don’t leave the kids at home – researchers have shown they gain improved concentration and even better eyesight from time in parks. Still more research shows that connecting with nature is followed by lower levels of hypertension,…… Continue reading Feeling stressed? Want to live longer? Spend a night in the forest!