Top 10 Calorie Dense Foods

Calorie dense foods: half the weight, twice the energy. Perfect foods for runners and backpackers.

If you’re carrying food for any length of time when camping, not only will you need more calories than you normally would, but you’ll also want to avoid carrying more weight than you absolutely have to. When trying to cut down the weight of your backpack, Adventure Alan rightly points out that “You can probably save more weight on food than almost anything!”.

Here are some ideas for your next adventure!

How many calories can you expect in 100g of these foods?

  1. Pic’s peanut butter: 600 calories per 100g
  2. Banana chips: 530 calories per 100g
  3. Energy gel: 260 calories per 100g
  4. Freeze dried blackcurrants: 350 calories per 100g
  5. Roasted sunflower seeds: 590 calories per 100g
  6. Dark chocolate: 550 calories per 100g
  7. Pecan nuts: 690 calories per 100g
  8. Dried papaya: 260 calories per 100g
  9. Granola (without milk): 420 calories per 100g
  10. Nutella: 550 calories per 100g

(Calories per 100g are a guide only as products vary – please check your individual product’s nutritional information label. To convert kilojoules to calories, use this converter.)

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