Food of the week: coconut bacon

Question: How do you keep meat fresh while camping in warm weather?

Answer: Skip the ice packs and dry jerky and try coconut bacon instead.

Protein-rich meat is hard to keep fresh without a fridge. If you’re missing your salty, smokey bacon on hiking trips, you’re in for a treat. Coconut bacon from Smoups is almost indistinguishable from the real thing – crunchy little slices of flavour. What’s more, its both raw and vegan, so the most restricted diets are safe with this one.


Nutrition-wise, coconut bacon delivers calories and replenishes salt after you’ve slogged your way to camp. But what you’ll appreciate even more is the burst of flavour in your camping meal. These crispy bacon bits are lightweight and keep well.

How to use it

  • The perfect topping on a warming plate of potato mash, peas and gravy.
  • Add to boil-in-the-bag omelette.
  • Munch as part of your savoury trail mix.

Where to get it

Smoups sells their coconut bacon online, and I’ve spotted a few other suppliers of salty coconut chips (none that have so well replicated the taste of bacon as Smoups mind you).

If you can’t find it near you, why not try making your own? Here’s a puppy-tested recipe for coconut bacon. I’d love to hear how you get on.

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