Poha: raw rice for hikers

The Indian breakfast of champions! The convenience food that replaces bread! The rice you can eat raw! I stumbled across poha in my local Indian supermarket and I’m feeling inspired. Wikipedia describes it as “an indori rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes… (which) can be eaten raw by immersing it in plain water…… Continue reading Poha: raw rice for hikers

Ultralight but still green veggies?

The first thing most hikers do when exiting the wilderness is eat the “real food” they’ve been dreaming of on the trail. Indeed, one of the toughest things about a multi-day hike for me is getting fresh, juicy, delicious produce into my meals. Said produce has to be tough enough to go in a backpack, not need…… Continue reading Ultralight but still green veggies?

Why we should copy NASA’s ideas on food

Space exploration has given us great ideas that we’ve re-used right here on earth, including, famously, the ball point pen. But it’s NASA’s ideas on food innovation that we ought to be copying. NASA scientists are faced with a particular challenge for feeding the astronauts on smaller spacecraft. The food needs to provide: …Enough calories as…… Continue reading Why we should copy NASA’s ideas on food