Recipe: Vietnamese coconut curry – ultralight dinner for camping

Curries are deliciously full-flavored and satisfying after a hike in the backcountry. This one uses rice “glass” noodles, which require only soaking, no cooking. It’s ultralight without compromising on taste. Serves 2. Ingredients 100g-120g fine rice noodles (break the bundles apart to get a close amount) 12 ml vegetable oil (1 sachet) 50g sachet of Vietnamese curry paste 60g sachet coconut milk powder (makes 1 … Continue reading Recipe: Vietnamese coconut curry – ultralight dinner for camping

Recipe: trail spaghetti with tomato & basil

This is Italian homemade goodness – but with some preparation beforehand, you can take mamma’s cooking on the trail with you! Serves 2. Ingredients 200g spaghetti (quick-cook or angel hair vermicelli can save you fuel) 10g dried garlic flakes 100g tomato paste (2 sachets) 36 ml olive oil (3 sachets) large pinch of dried basil salt dried parmesan to taste Steps First, make the sauce. … Continue reading Recipe: trail spaghetti with tomato & basil

Recipe: Curried no-cook rice

This easily digestible form of raw rice is very popular across India, Nepal and Bangladesh, and is normally used to prepare snacks or light and easy fast food. It is known by a variety of names. The dish which I’ve adapted below is often a morning snack in India! Crucially to outdoors enthusiasts, it doesn’t need to be cooked! That’s right – you can simply add … Continue reading Recipe: Curried no-cook rice

Poha: raw rice for hikers

The Indian breakfast of champions! The convenience food that replaces bread! The rice you can eat raw! I stumbled across poha in my local Indian supermarket and I’m feeling inspired. Wikipedia describes it as “an indori rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes… (which) can be eaten raw by immersing it in plain water or milk, with salt and sugar to taste, or lightly … Continue reading Poha: raw rice for hikers

Why we should copy NASA’s ideas on food

Space exploration has given us great ideas that we’ve re-used right here on earth, including, famously, the ball point pen. But it’s NASA’s ideas on food innovation that we ought to be copying. NASA scientists are faced with a particular challenge for feeding the astronauts on smaller spacecraft. The food needs to provide: …Enough calories as well as a carefully balanced diet, need no special storage … Continue reading Why we should copy NASA’s ideas on food