Why we should copy NASA’s ideas on food

Space exploration has given us great ideas that we’ve re-used right here on earth, including, famously, the ball point pen.

But it’s NASA’s ideas on food innovation that we ought to be copying.

NASA scientists are faced with a particular challenge for feeding the astronauts on smaller spacecraft. The food needs to provide:

…Enough calories as well as a carefully balanced diet, need no special storage or cooking facilities, and leave no waste beyond its minimal packaging. In addition, it needs to be lightweight and have a shelf life of several years.

All of which sounds very familiar – as hikers, runners and campers, we’re looking for nutritious camping meal ideas which are ultralight, easy to prepare, and don’t need refrigeration.

There’s also the morale factor. NASA’s scientists need to measure “food fatigue”. Hikers often experience their own food fatigue when eating the same old packet meal or instant noodles on day three of a challenging expedition.

So how does NASA tackle the challenge? This article on New Atlas is a fascinating read.

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