Recipe: apple & parmesan risotto – family-friendly camping food

The sweet-sharp taste of this northern Italian risotto makes for a delicious dinner while camping. It’s popular with kids and difficult-to-please adults alike, and it’s suitable for people with different dietary requirements, like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. Serves 2. Ingredients 25 ml olive oil (2 sachets) 130g arborio or carnaroli rice (“risotto rice”) 1/4 cup of dried onion and garlic, or 1 fresh onion and … Continue reading Recipe: apple & parmesan risotto – family-friendly camping food

Recipe: Curried no-cook rice

This easily digestible form of raw rice is very popular across India, Nepal and Bangladesh, and is normally used to prepare snacks or light and easy¬†fast food. It is known by a variety of names. The dish which I’ve adapted below is often a morning snack in India! Crucially to outdoors enthusiasts, it doesn’t need to be cooked! That’s right – you can simply add … Continue reading Recipe: Curried no-cook rice